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Why Did We Leave the House Again? 13 Ways to Celebrate NYE in Your New Home

New Years Eve Party Ideas for Hosting in Your New Home

Leaving the house can be so overrated—especially when it comes to the very night dedicated to stepping out of it. Oh, New Year’s Eve—you get us every single time. After completely decking yourself out for an event you’ve already paid lavishly for, you immerse yourself into a claustrophobic throng of “spirited” people, attempt to order a drink, and… immediately wish you were nestled up on your couch with your loved ones. One painfully long wait for a skyrocketed cab ride and you’re right back to where you started: home. Your new home, we might add—the one begging for new memories and traditions that can all begin on New Year’s Eve. Shall we give the home what it wants?

Here’s how to celebrate this NYE in style, without having to leave the comfort of home.

Confetti Bar

Let’s call it a “dry bar.” If you’re having a few guests over to celebrate the ball drop, let them mix up their own confetti cocktail at your confetti bar. Feature a kaleidoscope of confetti colors for a midnight finish that’s picture-worthy. Not-it on cleanup!

DIY Balloon Drop

What’s better than the annual Times Square ball drop? One you can pop afterwards. Catch guests or family by surprise with a DIY balloon drop on your ceiling.

Bubble Wrap Stomping

If popping a balloon or two isn’t enough, celebrate the sheer joy of stomping on bubble wrap when the clock strikes midnight. Let’s pretend it’s just for the kids.

Vision Board

Give standard resolutions a run for their money by curating a vision for the new year instead. Cut out images from old magazines or print from the internet—memes included and encouraged.

Podcast Party

If you need motivation, huddle up and listen. Podcasts—like these five to help you make and keep NYE resolutions—can give you priceless inspiration, free of charge. They could be a fitting backdrop for your vision board making.

Murder Mystery Dinner

If you’re a fan of crime podcasts, this could be right up your alley. Host a murder mystery dinner to keep guests on the edge of their seat for a NYE they’ll never forget. If you’re not in the mood to invest in murder mystery board games, try these free ideas.

Dance Party in Your PJs

So you think you can dance? Pop on your pajamas and crank that music up. Dancing benefits your health—a good precedent to set without yet another gym membership. Try these songs to celebrate NYE with. Make Elaine from Seinfeld proud.

Netflix and Chill

There’s no need to feel guilty binge-watching your favorite shows when so many others are gorging themselves on food and alcohol. Cuddle up with your favorite people to soak in the novelty of doing nothing. Here are some of the best movies to watch on NYE.

Themed Party

Is it even possible to have a bad time at a costume party? Halloween isn’t a requirement for dressing ridiculously and indulging in some levity. Invite some friends over for a themed costume party—starting with these 50 ideas. Step 2: initiate dance party ASAP.

Polaroid Pictures

Here’s something you probably haven’t done in a while. Bask in the nostalgia of a polaroid or disposable camera. Place a few throughout your home next to some NYE props and stand back in awe of the frenzy that ensues.


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